What is the difference between a payday advance loan and an installment loan?

Payday advances are for people who need money, but can’t wait until their next payday. It’s a quick and easy way to obtain emergency money and is paid back usually within a couple of weeks. An installment loan is also a quick and easy loan for a little bit more money, and is paid back in equal payments over a few months.
The loans our lenders offer usually depend on the state that you live in, as each state has different lending laws. You should contact your local office to discuss the type of loan(s) that offered and what option(s) are available.

I have bad credit, no credit or bankruptcy, can I still apply?

Yes! Our network lenders understand credit problems, and understand that the past is the past. Many of our current customers have past bankruptcy. Lenders do their best to get you approved.

How much will a loan cost me?

It depends on what state you reside in. Please call the branch nearest you for details.

Is my loan and personal information confidential?

Yes! Your relationship with us is completely confidential and protected by our Company Privacy Policy.

Can I get more than one loan at a time?

Only one loan at a time is allowed. When a lender receives confirmation that your account has been paid in full, you may request another loan.

How do I pay off my loan?

You have two options for payday advance loans:
“PICK UP” – Don’t want your check deposited? Just “pick up” your check on your due date. Pay cash or money order for the full amount of the check and your account is paid. You can request another payday advance anytime you like.
“DEPOSIT” – Can’t pick up your check on your due date? Your check can be deposited on your due date. Once confirmation that your check has been received, you can request another payday advance anytime you like.
These are examples of installment loans option:
“CASH PAYMENT” – If you don’t want your scheduled payment to be processed with your bank account, just go into the office where you received your loan and pay cash.
“EFT AUTHORIZATION” – Your loan payments will be scheduled as closely as possible to your pay dates, and you can choose to have your loan payments automatically withdrawn from your bank account utilizing an EFT transaction.
Payment options may also vary depending on the state you live in, and that states’ lending laws. Contact your local office for details.